Universal Compact Complete Gun Cleaning Kit Copper Rod GC1466

Gun Cleaning Kit In Aluminum Box Copper Rod Type Gun Cleaning Tools Accessories 

Item No.:GC1466

Product Description:

This is a great cleaning kit which will fit the vast majority of all Shotguns, Rifles and Pistols. Comes in a beautiful aluminium storage case.

Content :

3pcs Universal rods
1pcs 10/12 ga. brush
1pcs 20/28 ga. brush
1pcs .410 brush
1pcs 10/12 ga. cleaning mop
1pcs 20/28 ga. cleaning mop
1pcs .410 ga. cleaning mop

1pcs.30 cal. brush
1pcs 270/280 cal. brush
1pcs  .22 cal. brush
1pcs . 357/38 cal. 9mm cleaning mop
1pcs. 22 cal. cleaning mop
2pcs Brass accessory adaptor
1pcs 40cal. brush
1pcs 357/38 cal.,9mm brush
1pcs 45 cal. brush
1pcs 17 cal. brush
2pcs Slotted tips
1pcs Nylon brush
1pcs Plastic hook
1pcs Universal handle
1bag Cleaning patches