Shooting Gallery .22 Rimfire Resetting Target 145231

Gallery .22 Rimfire Resetting Target 145231

Item No.:145231

Product Description:

The .22 rimfire resetting target is the hottest new targets for plinking enthusiasts, this resetting target offers everything you need for hours of shooting fun without even having to walk down range or pull cords to reset, it allow you to knock down all the hanging paddles, and then shoot the upper paddle to reset the others for another round!

1) Heavy duty steel powder coated construction

2) Idea for .22 Rimfire rifles, Handgun and Airgun, without having to walk down range or pull chords to reset.

3) 4 hanging target, one resetting target

4) Simply shoot at the resetting target and then all four targets will drop back down for another round of shooting.

5) Target folds flat for compact storage and convenient storage