Hunting Slingshot Adjustable Big Hunting Slingshot Catapult SS22

Slingshot High Quality Adjustable Big Hunting Slingshot Catapult 

Item No.:SS22

Product Description:

With wrist supports, can be easily adjusted by rotating the coin , and adjust the distance of the front bracket and back bracket , to suit their own wrist support at best. Built handle iron clamps , do not worry about plastic handle is worn.

Material for support:  rebar

Material for handle:  ABS plastic

Rubber band: 6x9 high quality red latex tube, durable to resist aging for a long time. Sraight tube.

Surface treament:  electrophoresis 

Ergonomic molded handle grip

Flexible wrist support provides stable support

Leather: cowwhide 

Air Gun Pellet Trap Shooting Target Bullet Box

Item No.:RT5258 Product Description: Compact and lightweight , easy to carry, can be placed on the table, can also be hung on the wall . Suitable for indoor use , recyclable bullets suitable for small caliber air gun , BB gun bullets steam .