Boresnake Bore Cleaner Rope for Shotgun

  • Brushes and swabs in one quick pass
  • Built-in brushes
  • Solvent compatible
  • Multiple short brushes embedded in the floss pass easily through the shortest action or port
  • Initial floss area (inside the barrel) removes loose grit and debris prior to the scrubbing action of the brush
  • Main floss, with 160 times more floss than a patch, supercleans the bore
  • Brass weighted drop-through cord slips easily down barrel; No assembly required
  • Grasp and pull the cleaning cord through the barrel.
  • One pull through does it all.
  • No exposed metal to damage sensitive rifling or crown


Item No.For shotgun Gauge
24031.410 Gauge
2403228 Gauge
2403320 Gauge
2403416 Gauge
2403512 Gauge
2403610 Gauge